Monday, July 22, 2013

Dress Your Truth - Type 2

My best friend is a Type 2.

My other best friend is a Type 2.

My brother is a Type 2.

My sister is a Type 2.

My father is a Type 2.

My grandma is a Type 2.

I seem to be surrounded by Type 2's!

I bought the Dressing Your Truth system for my sister and my brother. Type two is probably the type I know the most about, except for Type 4.

These are some pixels I made on my computer using Corel Photoshop that show the colors I believe may be Type 2. I use them when looking at clothes online so my monitor output doesn't effect my perception as much. I'm sure there are many other colors that are also Type 2, but these are the ones I picked.

Tones by Janet Q
Tones by Janet Q

If I am not sure of a color or item being Type 2, I compare it to the more grey swatch.

Tones by Janet Q
Tones by Janet Q

Type 2 colors are tones - pure colors with grey added to them. They are softened, relaxing. Whenever I ask myself, "Is this a Type 2 color?" I think, is this color relaxing? Comforting?

Everything is the Type 2 world has a downward movement, soft and relaxing.

Regarding my Type 2 brother, my dad says that when my brother was a baby, that you could just hold him, and he would be so soothing and calming.

Type 2's are wonderful, sensitive beings! I am so thankful for all the Type 2's in my life and how Dressing your Truth has shown me how to appreciate and support them better.

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