Monday, July 22, 2013

Dress Your Truth - Type 4

Several years ago, my friend introduced me to Dressing Your Truth, and am very thankful that she did! I love Dressing your Truth, and I LOVE being a Type 4!

Before, I thought that I was an "autumn" or "fall" in the season system, oh boy, was I wrong! I was wearing brown and trying to soften my appearance in order to be more feminine, rejecting my true nature as a clear, analytical, perfecting, reflecting woman.

I took the 30 day challenge to dress my nature. For me, it was full of pure hues, reflecting silver, straight, bold lines and striking style. One day near the middle of the challenge, I was getting ready for church putting on my old brown dress, thinking about curling my hair and putting on soft makeup when I realized that I was putting on a mask. I asked myself, "Who are you pretending to be?"

I've never looked back since.

I used to admire the black and white outfits of k-pop stars and wish I could wear them.

Now I am taking back black! I've learned that it is okay for black to be my favorite color.

I made a pixel image using Photoshop of colors that I think might be Type 4, from actual hues on my computer paint wheel. I use it when looking at clothes online to compare the colors so I am more spot on.

Hues by Janet Q
Random Hues I made

Now it makes so much sense why I always looked good in stronger "jewel tones" but why some light pastel colors seemed to look good on me. Also, now I know why I was so drawn to the black and white outfits.

I am experimenting with the lightest colors, almost white colors. I am not sure if they are Type 4 or not.

Hues by Janet Q
More Hues and Icy-like tints perhaps

I know that having the fabric be reflective can make them so.

Hues by Janet Q

This is just a color hue palette from off of photoshop that I cropped and added black on one side, white on the other. It is where I get my color inspiration from.

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